Half Of Americans Support Muslim Immigration Ban. Why Won't Beltway Right?
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Donald Trump is not doing well in the polls. He's down six in the latest CBS poll, 43 percent to 37 percent [Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 6 points: pollby David Sherfinski, Washington Times, June 16, 2016]. He's also blinked on gun control, suggesting he'd be willing to ban gun purchases from those on the no-fly list. As it is impossible to determine if you are on the list and everyone from small children to Senators have inexplicably ended up on it, this is an incredibly stupid idea. (Of course, it's worth mentioning Trump has not committed to this, but is merely willing to say he would explore the idea.)

However, a new poll also shows one of Trump's "extreme" stances is now the majority position.

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to be winning the great immigration ban debate.

Half of all Americans suddenly support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration into the United States, according to a Reuters poll.

The stunning results represent an enormous sea change in public opinion that seemingly took place overnight in the wake of the Orlando massacre...

Before Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded dozens more at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning, just 43 percent of Americans supported the ban and 53 percent opposed it.

By Tuesday, the Reuters poll showed 50 percent now agree that the “United States should temporarily stop all Muslims from entering the United States.” Just 42 percent oppose the ban.

[Half of Americans Suddenly Support Muslim Immigration Banby Garth Kant, WND, June 16, 2016]

One of the reasons Trump is not doing well right now is because the Republican Establishment and Conservatism Inc. have both joined forces to attack, possibly intending to deliberately throw the election. The Muslim ban has been highlighted as one of main reasons Republicans are not willing to get on board.

But the Muslim ban is popular. This is the key to understanding Trump. Trump won the nomination not in spite of his policy positions, but because of his policy positions. If anything, his personality is actually getting in the way of his quite popular program.

Why is the GOP so afraid of a majority position? As we're being shown over and over again this year, the purpose of Conservatism Inc. isn't to win, it's to run out the clock on the country and profit in the meantime.


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