Haaretz, January 2013: "Fischer won't discount post as Israel's next foreign minister"
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From the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:
Fischer won't discount post as Israel's next foreign minister 
By Moti Bassok     Jan. 30, 2013

Stanley Fischer on Wednesday dismissed the idea that he would become finance minister, but did not discount a role in the Foreign Ministry.  
Outgoing Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer has no intentions of leaving Israel - or its public life - and at a news conference on Wednesday, he said just that. 
“I will continue to be involved in the country’s public life. Israel is my second home and I’m not sure that it’s less than first,” Fischer, who announced Tuesday that he would resign from his post this coming June, said at the conference. 
Fischer rejected any suggestion that he would accept the post of finance minister in the next government but did not say he would turn down a chance to lead the Foreign Ministry. 

And there is also speculation in Israel that Fischer might take the mostly ceremonial position of President of Israel if 89-year-old Shimon Peres ever drops dead.

A man's got to keep his options open in life. This assumption that a 70-year-old high government official has to pick just one country and stick to it is so 20th Century.

Vice chairman of the U.S. Fed, foreign minister of Israel, head of the IMF, CEO of Citigroup, president of MIT, Dalai Lama, Pope, Ayatollah of Rocknrolla, head groundskeeper at Fenway Park, coach of the Boston Celtics, starting tight end for the Patriots (just until Gronk's healthy again, of course), astronaut, fireman, secret agent, who says one person can't do it all? And why not all at the same time?

What kind of monster are you to crush the dreams of a little boy?

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