Gun Control And The Border
March 27, 2009, 12:58 AM
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Instapundit has a couple of posts on what he calls the "Mexican gun canard"—the idea that Mexican drug gangs are getting their weapons from America, and it`s all the fault of America for being such a free country. One post suggests there`s  "pretty clear evidence that guns in Mexico are coming from elsewhere. Or from the 150,000 to desert the Mexican Army in the last 6 years."

Of course, the main point with regard to Mexico and US gun control is that American citizens near the border need guns to defend themselves from Mexican invaders. In a column i wrote in October, 2001, I said:

"I wrote earlier that it would be stupid to disarm the populace during an invasion. It`s even dumber to do so during a war.

So when the Administration proposes a new anti-terrorist bill, instead of including new and better ways to control Americans` access to firearms, perhaps they should try the reverse, and write legislation overriding New York`s Sullivan law, and the thousands of mini-Sullivans around the country, and require the state and city governments to let people defend themselves."
It`s even more important for Americans near the border to be armed today, since after eight years we know that government won`t put troops on the border.