Guide To Derek Chauvin Case: Why Police Are Innocent
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Earlier (May 30, 2020): Even Right Abandoning Accused Minneapolis Cop—But They Shouldn't

If you are interested in the Derek Chauvin trial, from anosognosic:

Why the police are innocent in George Floyd’s death

This post will lay out the case that George Floyd died of a drug overdose and the police acted largely correctly in the encounter, and that, consequently, the establishment media have been lying to you for the better part of a year.

I don’t know much about law or medicine, but, for whatever it’s worth, I’m guessing the case will depend upon:

  • How much sheer racial bias, fear of violent retribution against jurors, and fear of riots is at work.
  • Upon whom the burden of proof winds up lying. The facts being what they are, so far as what we know so far, it would be hard in a fair trial for the prosecution to meet the normal burden of proof of 2nd degree murder “beyond a reasonable doubt.” But the state may be able to evade that basic premise of Anglo-American law and turn the burden of proof around.

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