Grisly Hispanic Familicide in Mass.
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Another example of the much ignored problem Brenda Walker wrote about last year—that of immigrants murdering their own children—has accidentally become a front page story by the open borders Boston Globe. Ernesto Gonzalez of Lynn, Massachusetts has just confessed to Boston Globe reporter Maria Sacchetti [Video] that he murdered his 5 year old son, Giovanni, last summer. [Lynn man confesses to killing son, 5 | Tells reporter of dismembering child who has been focus of massive search, November 27, 2008]

According to Mr. Gonzalez's confession (in Spanish), little Giovanni was misbehaving so he stabbed him to death in his kitchen. Next, he dismembered the boy in the bathtub. Gonzalez also claims to have placed his son's body parts in several shopping bags, then tossed them into different dumpsters around the city. Lynn, MA is a North Shore city suffering from severe Hispanization. Mr. Gonzalez appears to be Puerto Rican. Maria Sacchetti is the Globe's designated immigration cheerleader. But has this shocking confession of a parent dismembering his own child caused her to doubt the immigrant happy talk she's long been peddling for the Globe? Ask her ([email protected]).

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