Great Replacement Update / Sweden: The “Migrants” Aren’t Just Rapists. They’re Bombers, Too
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Earlier, by Steve Sailer: Sweden 2019: Immigrant Gangs Fighting Each Other With Big, Big, Bombs

Sweden’s rape wave isn’t the only benefit “migrants” bring to the country. Another is the long-term bombing campaign.

Peter Imanuelsen, who blogs and tweets as Peter Sweden, has reported 101 bombings for 2023. Through seven months, that’s 14 bombings per month [100 BOMBINGS in Sweden this year, August 7, 2023]. Add attempts and preparations, and the number of bombings or associated crimes rises to 196.

Bombings through the last five years number about 1,000:

We are not talking about 1 bombing every month or so. No! In 2019, Sweden had on average almost 5 bombings every single week.

[The Truth About The Swedish BOMBING Crisis, June 24, 2022]

Aside from bombings, attempted bombings, or bomb preparations, “we have some 61 no-go zones in Sweden, areas where police are losing control and parallel societies are forming with their own laws and rules,” "Sweden" wrote in his offering on August 7. “Morality police” patrol the streets.

Of course, Sweden’s Ruling Class and its police know who the rapists and bombers are. But instead of rounding them up and deporting them, they do nothing.

Which means they are permitting and even encouraging Muslims to rape and bomb the Swedes into accepting their dispossession and replacement.

One wonders whether the descendants of the Vikings will fight back or surrender. As it stands now, surrender seems more likely.

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