Great Replacement Update / England: Home Office Plans Ahead For “Migrants” By Renting Hotel Rooms
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It’s clear now that England’s government will never deport the army of illegal aliens that has invaded the country with plans to conquer it. The Home Office is spending 500,000 British pounds daily, $649,502, to keep 5,000 hotel rooms empty for incoming “migrants.”

The Home Office’s Simon Ridley calls the rentals a “buffer” to alleviate overcrowding. Of course, if England’s border authority did what it should—sink the “migrant” dinghies in the channel—“overcrowding” would not be a problem, because the Camp of the Saints invasion would cease:

[T]he Home Office is already spending £6 million a day on housing 51,000 asylum seekers in nearly 400 hotels or other contingency accommodation such as hostels.

Some 1,339 migrants have reached the UK in small boats in the last three days, taking the total of Channel migrants for this year to 12,772. That’s just four per cent lower than by this time last year.

The news comes as almost 10,000 small-boat migrants who reached Britain in the past four months were handed an ”amnesty” from the Government’s tough new immigration measures.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman had previously said any migrants who arrived since March by ”irregular” routes—such as on dinghies across the Channel—would be barred from making asylum claims.

But in a major concession to get the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill through Parliament, it will now apply only to migrants who reach the UK after the legislation gains Royal Assent.

Home Office chief Mr Ridley said the traditional peak of arrivals was in July, August and September, which meant it was “definitely a possible scenario” that numbers this year would surpass last year’s record total of 45,755.

[Home Office admits to spending £500,000 a day on empty hotel beds for migrants, by E.J. Ward, Leading Britain’s Conversation, July 11, 2023]

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The invaders are mostly military-age men who will, when conditions are right, wage war in the streets to conquer cities. They have no other reason to cross the channel. Granted, the welfare benefits are endless, not least free food, medical care, and accommodations. But that doesn’t explain why women and children are so few. We must assume these “refugees” are acquiring and storing explosives and arms and ammunition.

If Englishmen don’t see that, and don’t rise up and stop this invasion, they are doomed. 

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