Grace & Steel Podcast Roundup: Kat Timpf vs Trump and the Sovietization of America, etc.
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One of the problems of cohosting a weekly podcast is the inevitability of your programs being superannuated by unfolding events. And now every time I look at Drudge, I half expect to see


VP Pence Held in “Secure Location”

Ryan, Schumer To Lead “Govt of National Reconciliation”

Social Media Sites Shut Down For 7 Days For “National Security”

Episode 89 (posted here with copious links and here on YouTube) is called “Against Matriarchy.”

The peg is the firing of James Damore from Google after his memo discussing the differences between men and women was publicized with hostile intent. One day after we recorded this, Charlottesville happened. Which would seem to knock our little effort out of the box. Except that the feminization of everything Kevin Steel and I decry is at the heart of the debacle in Virginia. Feminists argue that “hate speech” must be suppressed and its perpetrators punished because hurt feelings perpetuate “white male supremacy” and lead to violence against women and minorities. You and I might regard a Confederate war memorial as a historical monument, but feminists and their male allies regard it as an incitement to violence and oppression.

Episode 89 lucked out in one regard, however, as a sizeable portion of it is devoted to the curious fact that the “Never Trump” brigade is staffed largely by women. I contend therein that the rise of Donald Trump and the reassertion of patriarchy it expresses is seen (quite rightly) by Megyn Kelly, Sarah Rumpf, Amanda Carpenter, Michelle Fields, Dana Loesch, S.E. Cupp, Ana Navarro, et al., as a threat to their current pundit supremacy. And then Kat Timpf announced to the world from her perch at Fox News that Trump’s August 15 press conference would have precipitated a flood of hot tears, but she was compelled to control herself because “I have too much eye makeup on to start crying right now.” I am not, as the kids like to say, making this up.

In supporting Antifa against the President of the United States, Timpf has joined Paul Ryan, John McCain and Mitt Romney (to name just a few GOP worthies). Former Vice President Joe Biden repeated the totalitarian slogan, “There is only one side.” This is what the Left calls “exterminationist” language. Make no mistake—the coup is on. They are coming for us, not just for Trump and VDARE, but for everyone who voted for Trump or even uttered a kind word about him. And for everyone, like James Damore, who has ever expressed anything less than full-throated public support for the Leftist “narrative.”

Episode 88 (posted here with links and here on YouTube) is a two-parter: “Good News, Bad News.” The good news is Trump’s RAISE Act, which actually dares to reduce legal immigration and restrict it to those who might actually, on balance, contribute to the economic health of the nation. We marvel at Stephen Miller’s demolition of CNN’s Jim Acosta and what Steve Sailer has dubbed “the Zeroth Amendment to the Constitution.” Why do two Canadians care so much about this? First, because we like America and, second, because Canada’s immigration policy is arguably worse than America’s, and reform there would spark a similar effort here. The bad news is a roundup of the-then latest news of YouTube, PayPal, etc., moving to no-platform and bankrupt political dissidents. (That is, the stories before the latest round of no-platforming & bankrupting by Big Tech.)

Episode 87 (posted here with links and here on YouTube) is called “The Costs of Homosexuality.” It is occasioned by Trump’s decision to ban transsexuals from the U.S. military. Social behavior has economic costs, and the medical, pharmaceutical and psychiatric costs of transsexualism and male homosexuality are great indeed. (The cost of the lawsuits to come from adults who were prevented as children from maturing in their “birth gender” by greedy doctors and attention-seeking parents can only be imagined.) Tobacco smokers have become inured to their persecution (social, legal and financial). This persecution is justified by the argument that smokers subject society to a gross and wholly unnecessary financial burden. As it turns out, this argument is false because by dying on average five years earlier, smokers save governments a fortune in medical and pension costs. (Not to mention what they contribute in crippling taxation.) But if it is just to subject any one behavior to a financial calculus, then no other behavior is off-limits in this regard. Or so it seems to me.

Episode 86 (posted here with links and here on YouTube) is a grab-bag wherein we discuss the latest bogus data from the Church of Climate Change, how getting on the wrong side of Bill or Hillary Clinton is hazardous to life and limb, the real-estate crashes in Toronto and Vancouver and the outrageous treatment of Ann Coulter by Delta Air Lines. Delta’s refusal to make proper reparations to Coulter is another step in the Sovietization of America. Big Business now acts as a “private” enforcer of Leftist mores and is proud to do so. (As the noisy defections from Trump’s Manufacturing Council further demonstrate.)

Big Business is playing a dangerous game, especially since so many of the biggest are semi-monopolies. I look forward to some good, old-fashioned trust-busting from Trump, heralded, as is his style, with a tweet, “Yuge companies squeezing out all competition. Un-American. Many such cases!”

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