Governor "Blagovich" And The Press
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Governor Rod Blagojevich's surname is of Serbian origin, and back in the Old Country, (or Countries) it's spelled Blagojevic, without an h on the end. In defiance of's helpful advice to to bad speller Max Blumenthal, (below) reporters around the country  have been trying to spell Blagojevich by hand, instead of using the copy and paste command, and I wasn't totally surpised to see a headline about Governor "Blagovich", which error is repeated several times in Google News.
Ald. Richard Mell might break silence to defend daughter Patti ... Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 6 hours ago The first lady of Illinois was referring to alleged threats by Blagovich and a top aide to withold support for transferring Wrigley Field to the Illinois ...
Bailout bill?...GOP opposition...Obama on Blagovich... | ... KXMC, ND - 4 hours ago Rod Blagovich (blah-GOY'-uh-vich) is back at work, a day after being arrested on corruption charges. He's accused of scheming to enrich himself by selling ...
The Associated Press
Illinois gov. returns to work a day after arrest The Associated Press - 6 hours ago Rod Blagovich returned to work on Wednesday, a day after he was arrested and accused of scheming to enrich himself by selling President-elect Barack Obama's ...
Based on my limited knowledge of Balkan pronunciation, KXMC North Dakota is right in saying that it's pronounced "blah-GOY'-uh-vich." If he would just go away, we and the North Dakotans could stop worrying about it.
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