Governor "Blagovich" And The Press
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December 10, 2008, 11:19 PM
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Governor Rod Blagojevich`s surname is of Serbian origin, and back in the Old Country, (or Countries) it`s spelled Blagojevic, without an h on the end. In defiance of`s helpful advice to to bad speller Max Blumenthal, (below) reporters around the country  have been trying to spell Blagojevich by hand, instead of using the copy and paste command, and I wasn`t totally surpised to see a headline about Governor "Blagovich", which error is repeated several times in Google News.
Ald. Richard Mell might break silence to defend daughter Patti ... Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 6 hours ago The first lady of Illinois was referring to alleged threats by Blagovich and a top aide to withold support for transferring Wrigley Field to the Illinois ...
Bailout bill?...GOP opposition...Obama on Blagovich... | ... KXMC, ND - 4 hours ago Rod Blagovich (blah-GOY`-uh-vich) is back at work, a day after being arrested on corruption charges. He`s accused of scheming to enrich himself by selling ...
The Associated Press
Illinois gov. returns to work a day after arrest The Associated Press - 6 hours ago Rod Blagovich returned to work on Wednesday, a day after he was arrested and accused of scheming to enrich himself by selling President-elect Barack Obama`s ...
Based on my limited knowledge of Balkan pronunciation, KXMC North Dakota is right in saying that it`s pronounced "blah-GOY`-uh-vich." If he would just go away, we and the North Dakotans could stop worrying about it.