Gov Jerry Brown Has an Elevated View of His Failing State
March 10, 2018, 04:47 PM
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Jerry Brown really didn’t like AG Jeff Sessions’ Sacramento speech announcing a lawsuit against California’s unlawful sanctuary policy. Brown held a presser shortly thereafter [WATCH] that was both snotty and arrogant in the typical liberal style.

But what’s really caught my ear was his remark that California is “a state that is really working.”


No, it’s not working at all. California as a society is a basket case from hell, and was recently found by a US News & World Report study to be dead last in quality of life. Citizens are leaving in droves to escape the expensive liberal utopia to live in America. Tourists in San Francisco are shocked by the filth, drug usage on the streets and huge numbers of homeless.

But Jerry Brown thinks California is a state that is really working — in his dreams.

Keep in mind that California is a one-party state, totally run by Democrats.

For an interesting list of dystopian symptoms, see Shannon Bream’s enumeration during her current visit:

Here are some signs of decay in Jerry Brown’s “really working” California listed from the video:

SHANNON BREAM: For example reports out today that there were a record number of car break-ins last year in the Bay Area. We thought we would tell you about some of the state’s problems, even epidemics, ripped straight from the headlines. . . the Los Angeles Times asking how a place with 58,000 homeless people can continue to function and an NBC investigative report surveying 153 blocks of downtown San Francisco in search of garbage, needles and feces. The investigation revealing trash littered across every block. . .

Also flying in the face of conventional wisdom that it’s the jewel of the best coast comes a US News and World Report’s survey that says the Golden State has the worst quality of life in the nation. Oh and it’s 46th in opportunity.

New outrages seem to come every day: an illegal immigrant walking away not guilty in a San Francisco courtroom despite admitting to killing 32-year-old Kate Steinle. . . Another illegal immigrant bragging about how he killed two Sacramento cops in front of a packed courtroom and calling them cowards. . . The mayor of Oakland tipping off illegal immigrants about pending federal ICE raids.