GOP Representative George Santos Confesses To Being Less Gay And Less Jewish Than He Boasted
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It’s instructive about contemporary society to see what credentials conmen boast of. For example, newly elected Brazilian-American New York congressman George Santos (R-Long Island), who ran on being a proudly gay Republican grandson of Holocaust survivors, has been exposed as not being, as he claimed, a college graduate, not having worked for Goldman Sachs or Citibank, and not owning 13 pieces of real estate. (Basically, he sounds like a poor young man who made up a lot of stories about being a rich young man.)

But, it also turns out, he was married to a woman named Uadla Santos Vieira Santos until 2019, but he kept that covered up from voters. And he claimed a company he owned lost four employees at the Pulse gay nightclub attack by the Muslim terrorist, which also isn’t true.

And who knows about the Holocaust survivor grandparent stuff? The Forward is dubious. Santos now says he didn’t mean he’s “Jewish,” he meant he’s “Jew-ish,” which sounds like an entire Curb Your Enthusiasm story arc.

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