GOP Must Realize That Hispandering Is Fruitless And They Need To Go For The White Working Class Vote
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Election 2012 is over, and Barack Obama has won re-election. That's depressing enough, but Romney's defeat is being spun as a justification for the GOP to pander even more to Hispanics. On Election Night, they were already talking about that. 

The GOP leadership is learning the wrong lesson from the 2012 debacle. They should realize that Hispandering is fruitless and the GOP should go for the white working class vote.

Of course, the lesson they're picking up is that they should give the Latino Lobby a permanent veto over U.S. immigration policy. Anything less would be considered offensive to Hispanics. 

In sports, coaches can lose their jobs if they lose too many games. In the Bizarro World of the GOP, party leaders, consultants and pundits who lose elections seem to have no problem getting signed on for the next one. At least Karl Rove is finally taking some heat, let's see how that turns out. 

One of the few bright spots of the 2012 election is that the Republicans still hold the House. The House of Representatives could do many things to thwart Obama's agenda. Oh wait, the Speaker of the House is John Boehner, who has already sent signals he's ready to compromise on illegal alien amnesty and declared Obamacare the law of the land.

In the presidential race, the problem began in the primaries, when not one candidate was sound on the National Question. Not a one! 

In 2016, will any GOP candidate be sound on the National Question? Will it even matter by then? 

The outlook does not look good for the historic American nation.

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