GOP Leadership and Congressman Cao: Just Desserts.
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When last December Immigration lawyer Anh ”Joseph” Cao narrowly won a special election to represent Louisiana’s heavily black 2cnd Congressional District as a Republican, Minority Leader John Boehner stupidly put out a memo entitled ”The Future is Cao”.

Cao has now rewarded this faith by being the only Republican Congressman to vote for the Health Bill, compounding this deed by arguing:

My vote tonight was based on my priority of doing what is best for my constituents,"

Lone GOP Supporter of House Health Care Bill Defends Vote Fox News November 08 2009

Such a remark will be treasured by the Democrats, suggesting that the Health Care bill will in fact be good for the poor — and hardly casting his supposed colleagues in a pleasant light.

As Joe Guzzardi has noted, Cao quickly set about betraying his adopted party and country once in Washington. His Numbers USA Immigration voting report card grade is ”D” — the worst in the Louisiana delegation including the Democrats.

Well done, GOP Leadership. So this is your "Future".

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