Goodbye Thanksgiving - and Christmas, too?
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Thanks, Oraculations, for alerting me to the opening outrage of what Michelle Malkin has aptly called the anti-Christmas season. The Darleen's Place blog yesterday published the following elegant account:

About four hours ago - after the turkey carcass was put away mother riveted all attention on her as she related her experience with US Post Office...she stops by her local US Post Office a few days ago then asks the man behind the counter for this year's Christmas stamps. He pulls out a sheet of something called Holiday Cookies. She asks if they have any classic Christmas stamps and the man pulls out a couple of sheets of last year's Madonna and Child. Mom notices he doesn't seem happy and he says to her, "These are all I have and they'll be the last you ever see." Mom asks, "What do you mean?" He explains the USPS will not be issuing any more "religious" stamps.
Ever...I plan on checking this with my local Post Office tomorrow. I urge you, too, to take a few minutes and ask at your local PO.

Of course, with the White House and both the Senate and the House controlled by allegedly conservative Republicans, who do not hesitate to proclaim their religious values, such a vicious insult to the feelings of the majority (and Founding) culture of America by an agency totally controlled by the Federal Government cannot really be happening.

Can it?

As soon as he can get to it,  Peter Brimelow will be announcing the opening of's sixth War Against Christmas competition. Entries have already begun arriving spontaneously, which is heartening. Reviving this contest, originally started in National Review, but repressed after the purge, was one of the greatest pleasures of launching VDARE.

Of course, the boys over at the new NR have subsequently made some half- hearted attempts to cover the question again. Apparently it has dawned on them what the religious heritage of most of the soldiers being hazarded in Iraq actually is.

Last year in discussing the results of the competition Peter Brimelow  concluded:

This is the situation that we’re in with the War Against Christmas. There is finally a widespread awareness that it exists. But as with the immigration debate, I believe, it will next emerge that the War Against Christmas is not merely an accident. Its backers really want it.Next year, they will get nasty.

Anyone wanting to see proof of this should take the trouble to take a day registration and contemplate:

How the secular humanist grinch didn't steal Christmas - Michelle Goldberg, Nov 11 2005

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