Good News: More Border Wall Going Up In Texas
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The Texas Facilities Commission has awarded a $224 million contract to erect 9.4 miles of border wall in Laredo, Texas, which the leftist Laredo Morning Times turned into an ad hominem attack on the company and its owners, Fisher Sand & Gravel [$224M border wall contract awarded for Laredo; leaders weigh in, by Jorge A. Vela,, January 13, 2023].

Though reporter Vela readily found the usual Treason Lobbyists to denounce the wall, he couldn’t find anyone who supports it.

That was left up to Breitbart’s Bob Price and Randy Clark.

“Texas has been in negotiations with ranchers with property along the Rio Grande in the Laredo and Del Rio Sectors for more than a year, one rancher told Breitbart Texas,” the website reported:

These ranchers favor the project to stop the destruction of their property by migrants who tear down fences and leave tons of garbage in their wake, the rancher said.

One key issue for the ranchers is having access to gates to allow them to work both sides of the barrier after it is completed.

[Texas to Build New 30-Foot Border Wall in Laredo Sector, January 26, 2023]

Illegal aliens are not invading the Laredo Border Sector in the same numbers as they are invading the El Paso, Del Rio, and Rio Grande Valley sectors, data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show. Agents have caught 13,622 trying to jump the border, and another 43,928 showed up at ports of entry. Still, 4,541 per month are infiltrating. 

Poking around CBP’s website for those numbers, by the way, revealed something else. Of the 717,660 illegals encountered this fiscal year, more than 440,000 are from countries other than Mexico and the Northern Triangle. Of those, almost 107,00 are Cubans.

They must know they have a fellow countryman in our Cuban-Jewish Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the unindicted visa fraudster


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