Glenn Spencer and the Sonic Barrier
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Nobody knows the border like Glenn Spencer, founder of American Patrol, American Border Patrol and the Border Technology corporation.

Today there's a feature up on the informative American Patrol website about a project Glenn has been working, the "Sonic Barrier":

The Sonic Barrier, a security system that could be the final solution to the border problem, is now even better than ever. According to Glenn Spencer, head of the non-profit American Border Patrol, that has been testing the system, refinements in the algorithm has doubled the range at which intruders are detected. "We had a group of seven people walk toward the sensor line and the alarm sounded when they were 650 feet away," Spencer said. "In a test on Friday, the system detected two people at 530 feet," Spencer added.

Glenn says the Sonic Barrier is better than the sensors now in use by the U.S. Border Patrol, and it sounds like a great system. Spencer has actually demonstrated the system to a group of Arizona senators (see here). Read the latest feature here. If you're interested in the details, check out this power point presentation here.

It sounds like a great system that would be a real asset on the border. Of course, as with any border system, its value depends upon having a government with the will to utilize it, and to utilize it properly.

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