Glenn Beck Explains to Anderson Cooper the Shadowy, Sinister Steve Bannon-Steve Sailer Nexus
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Okay …

So besides our names being suspiciously similar — you’ll notice that Steve Bannon and Steve Sailer both begin with “Steve” and end with a two-syllable surname with six letters — what are the other connections between Steve Bannon and Steve Sailer?

Yet, I’m scratching my head trying to think of any others … Have I ever met him? I don’t think so.

I haven’t talked to him on the phone.

I don’t recall exchanging any emails. I just looked through my emails since 2012 and don’t see any between us.

As for Bannon giving me “a platform,” I don’t recall writing for Breitbart, although I’ve probably left comments on their articles some times.

Hmmmhmm … I do know a Sailer-Bannon connection! I sometimes watch Seinfeld reruns on TV and for, complicated business reasons, Bannon happens to own a chunk of the rights to Seinfeld.

So there’s that.

As for Glenn Beck, I can’t say I’ve ever watched or listened to one of his shows all the way through. But I did defend Beck in 2011 from Jeffrey Goldberg’s accusation in The Atlantic that Beck is anti-Semitic.

As for my 2005 article in VDARE that Beck was shocked, shocked to quote, you can read it for yourself here.

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