Give Me A Break! NRO Still Trusting McCain
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Here's something I've noticed before—NRO falling for McCain spin:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

McCain in the Spin Room   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

He was good on immigration, telling Hannity, I got your message, my friend. Talked about securing the borders. Ive heard him say this a few times — Id like to hear a lot more of McCain on his lessons learned from the spring. 


The lesson he's learned is that in order to be President he'll have to fool the American people, those not familiar with his career, into thinking that he cares about defending the border.

As for McCain, he established during Vietnam War that he won't betray his country to the North Vietnamese—but his political career since has established that he will betray his party, his base or his constituents if things don't go his way.

Robert Heinlein talked about this in his book Take Back Your Government!, written in 1946 but not published until 1992. He compares people like McCain to the

spoiled brat who insists on having his own way in every respect or he won't play.

All of which adds up to this: if you decide to bolt, go whole hog. Leave the party. Join the other party or join a third party. Don't expect either the Republicans or the Democrats to permit you to wield influence if you insist on flirting with the other party whenever the whim seizes you.

When that was written, McCain was ten years old, but it didn't find a publisher until 1992, by which time it was already too late.

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