Giuliani Endorses McCain! I Suppose The Arizona Man Is Picking Up Friends!
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Ok, at the risk of sounding repetitive or cynical....SO WHAT!!!!!!

What that headline really says is: Mobster Wants The Flip-Flopper (From Who Knows What Party) To Be President!

There's a surprise...what can we expect next from this new merger? "Mobster asks MCCain for a Favor" appoint his Consiglieri, Frances Corleone, as either Attorney General or Ambassador to Sicily? fine is that line between "favor" and "threat" at this point?

Unless God himself (or at least one of the Superstar Angels like Gabriel or Michael) endorses McCain, the Arizona Senator still won't matter how many cheesy Republicans endorse him!! And forgive me but even if McCain has the Big Guy's endorsement, I would still bet against him!!

Now then, if you don't hear from me again its because I have been struck by lightening and suffering the fate of those who challenge the will of the Divine! Sorry!!

(Not the He would pick McCain anyway...this is clearly hypothetical, ok?)

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