Giuliani Doesn't Like Us—He Really Doesn't Like Us
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This from a 1996 Giuliani speech that has been linked to before, and it's available on Youtube, I believe, but I thought I'd highlight this part:
I believe the anti-immigration movement in America is one of our most serious public problems. And Washington is only making the problem worse. The anti-immigration movement can be seen in legislation passed by Congress and the President. It can be seen in the negative attitudes being expressed by many of the politicians in America today... And it can be seen in a growing sense of unease in the American workforce that somehow there aren't enough jobs to go around. [Speech To The Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA Thursday, October 10, 1996 ]
So as of 1996, Giuliani thought that organized opposition to immigration was "one of our most serious public problems." That would be us, here at Here's more from his speech:
In 1923, an anti-immigration song was published in New York called "Close the Gates!" The lyrics went like this:

"Close the gates of our nation, lock them firm and strong!

Before this mob from Europe, shall drag our colors down."

Sounds like a catchy tune, but I can't locate any more lyrics to it on the web. Do any of our readers have a copy? It was one of George Will's pro-immigrant columns that put me onto a poem called Unguarded Gates, by Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
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