Giuliani Comes To California: No One Cares
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Following up on my most recent column about the Republican front-running Rudy Giuliani, let’s analyze two California pit stops he made this week in Del Mar and Anaheim to judge just how disinterested voters are in his candidacy.

During the same appearances, Giuliani revealed how insincere his so-called commitment to immigration reform is.

In Del Mar, a pathetically small crowd of 200 people showed up to listen to Giuliani even though he spoke at one of the most beautiful venues in California, the Del Mar Racetrack.

Del Mar, the heart of Ronald Reagan country, is thirteen miles due north of San Diego . With San Diego’s population of nearly three million people, logic would dictate that more than 200 people would want to listen to the man who loves to be called ”America’s Mayor.

You could have found larger attendance at a Little League game. And with good reason—any baseball game, Little League or otherwise, would be vastly more entertaining than Giuliani.

What’s also interesting is that so few of the 4,500 Del Mar residents turned out.

Despite the fact that Del Mar is over 90 percent white and ultra-conservative Giuliani spoke only in passing about illegal immigration vaguely promising to end it. But in the same breath, Giuliani said that America is dependent on foreign labor. You know what that means: more guest worker programs!

In Anaheim, seventy miles up the road from Del Mar, Giuliani dodged questions about the role of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp and called for expanding legal immigration.

What Giuliani’s ninth swing through California proves is that there is little grassroots interest in his campaign and that he is not trustworthy on immigration.

Even if Giuliani makes ninety California trips, he’ll never carry the state in the 2008 presidential election

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