Gingrich Escalates His Hispandering Outreach
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Newt Gingrich is a clever fellow with many worthwhile ideas; his strength on national security and recognition that hostile Islam presents a severe danger are particularly welcome as a voice of reason against the loony peacenik in the White House.

However, Gingrich must be closely watched. He thinks his political brilliance can overcome cultural chasms which are largely unbridgeable. His outreach to Hispanics is long standing and arguably extreme. When he was Speaker, a pet project was gaining statehood for Puerto Rico as a way to friend Hispanics, despite the fact that Mexicans and Central Americans show no interest in Puerto Rican issues at all. In fact, a strongly Spanish-speaking state in the USA would create a bilingual country (like Canada), a deeply destructive dismantling of American community via official widespread language apartheid. The damage of Puerto Rico the state would be incalculable, in return for zero political gain.

Such dumb ideas based in diversity ideology have not gone away. Gingrich is one of those dreamy Republicans who likes to applaud Hispanic family values, despite enormous evidence to the contrary, e.g. the growing number of out-of-wedlock births (which comprise nearly half of Hispanic births in the US) and the willful abandonment of wives and children in the home country as part of illegal immigration.

In a blog from last winter (Newt Gingrinch’s Foray into Cultural Treason), I noted Gingrich’s statement that he supports English as the official language of the United States but ”I’m also for campaigning in Spanish.” Only a coldly calculating politician could make that statement in all seriousness.

His bilingual websiteThe Americano supposedly expounds conservative ideas for Hispanics. But the site is not friendly toward traditional American values. For starters, the name is troubling – what is an ”Americano” anyway? It sounds like a coded tribalism that Newt hopes to sneak under the radar. There’s immigration commentary (”Straight Talk”) from big-amnesty advocate Ruben Navarrette. And who knows what’s being written in Spanish?

Gingrich is looking more like a Presidential candidate with a side dish of Hispandering, for example as he recently campaigned with his Americano gimmick at a two-day forum. Trashing sovereignty hero Tom Tancredo was clearly high on the agenda.

GOP Pushes Harder For The ”Americano’ Vote – Transcript, NPR, December 3, 2010

In last month’s midterm election, Hispanic voters again sided solidly with Democrats. The decades-long trend is increasingly worrisome to Republicans. So in one of several new outreach efforts, former GOP House speaker Newt Gingrich has started a Web site. It’s called And over the past two days, he’s used it to host a forum for conservative Hispanics. [. . .]

GONYEA: Most of the attendees call themselves conservatives and Republicans. They’re in the minority within the Latino community. Gustavo Bujanda is a vice president at a Dallas PR firm.

Mr. GUSTAVO BUJANDA: In being a conservative, I find myself that I also disconnect tremendously with where, at least right now, the Republican Party, or large parts of the Republican Party, are.

GONYEA: He’s talking about immigration and the tough language Republicans often use when debating the issue. Former Colorado congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo’s name came up a lot at this conference. This speech from his ”08 run for the GOP presidential nomination. It is vintage Tancredo. (Soundbite of archived audio)

Mr. TOM TANCREDO (Former Representative, Republican, Colorado): We see our communities turning into what Theodore Roosevelt called polyglot boarding houses, made up of immigrants who refuse to assimilate and refuse to speak English…

GONYEA: Bujanda says such words, though not representative of Republicans as a whole, send a message about the party.

Mr. BUJANDA: When I hear members of the extreme right of the Republican Party speak in the language that they do about immigration, I frankly take offense because there’s something about me that they don’t like.

GONYEA: He says there needs to be outreach to Latino voters, yes, but also to the party itself. The conference featured a lot of such dialogue during formal sessions but also in hallways and over meals. And despite all the talk of making a positive case for Latinos to embrace Republicans whose core ideals match theirs, there was also plenty of frustration that Democrats are viewed so much more favorably by Latino voters.

As numerous polls have shown, the Arizona law had great public support, even after months of media lies saying the law included racial profiling. Immigration enforcement is a mainstream value, not a fringe issue as the MSM continues to prattle, like in the NPR report above.

Attention, Gingrich: Americans don’t want their country invaded by 30 million foreigners who are then rewarded with citizenship for their lawbreaking.

Does he really think he can peddle his anti-American Hispandering without citizens noticing? (A similar political strategy didn’t work out so well for California governor candidate Meg Whitman.)

The video below shows Newt inviting Hispanics to his Americano clambake, with no mention of issues that would be considered controversial by that audience, namely borders, language and culture. The image for the organization shows a map of North and South America, so that must be what ”Americano” means – a resident of the Western Hemisphere. Illegal alien Mexicans et al like to claim that they are already Americans, just like the French are Europeans. Continents – so handy for hispandering!

The best way to increase conservatism among Hispanics would be to stop immigration entirely so that the Hispanics already here will have a better chance to improve their lives.

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