Germany Hostage Situation Resolved: "No Word On The Hostage-Taker’s Ethnicity Or Background"
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There's a report of a hostage situation in Germany being resolved by shooting the gunman—German security forces are famously efficient—and the Telegraph reports that there's "no word" on his race or ethnicity. At least they're asking! (Update: This was a month ago, and we now know he was German-Italian, not a Muslim. This new guy, on the other hand...)
Germany shooting: Gunman shot dead by police after cinema hostage attempt

Telegraph, UK


23 June 2016

A gunman was shot dead by police in Germany on Thursday after he attempted to take several people hostage in a cinema.

In what appeared to be a remarkable police operation, none of the hostages were injured.

The German authorities said the gunman, who has not been identified, was “disturbed” and there was no initial evidence of a link to terrorism.

But police were reportedly investigating an explosive vest and a hand grenade found on his body to see if they were genuine.

There was no word on the hostage-taker’s ethnicity or background. Witnesses described him as being between 18 and 25 years old. [More]


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