Germany Expects Up to Half a Million 'Refugees' This Year
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Chancellor Angela Merkel has heard from local authorities in her country that they need a pile of cash to resettle the huge numbers of diverse foreigners headed north from Africa. Germany is crazy to accept so many — the cost, crime, jihad and social turmoil of so many Muslims will verge on suicidal. But Merkel seems on board.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama offers to take a large number of Africans — the more Muslims in America, the better, as far as BHO is concerned. Idaho just learned of the government’s plans to dump up to 2000 Syrians, Congolese and Somalis in Boise and Twin Falls over the next couple years. What’s a few hundred thousand more? More diversity!

Below, Africa is home to over a BILLION people, many of whom are anxious to reach the freebies of the First World by illegally immigrating to Europe.

The news has spread across Africa that the border is open to Europe, so plenty of economic migrants have hit the road. The BBC has a story about a Gambian Muslim from the western edge of the continent who has traveled 4750 miles off and on for over a year because he is desperate for money, period. Africans are willing to journey great distances to reach the easy living of Europe.

The Mediterranean’s migrant survivors, BBC, April 23, 2015

Malick Touray, 30, The Gambia

Malick, a 30-year-old mobile phone technician, describes how he began his journey across Africa to Europe in October 2012 because of his financial situation, struggling to support his extended family.

He had finished school early and started work because his father – who has three wives – could no longer pay school fees for Malick and his 18 other children. [. . .]

The German people don’t want to be flooded with angry demanding foreigners, many of whom are Islamic. A January poll found 57 percent of respondents thought Islam was a threat. A grassroots movement called PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes — Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) has sprouted up with well attended marches protesting the mass immigration of Muslims.

Here’s more about stupid Germany screwing its own citizens:

German regions need more funds for refugee surge – state leader, Reuters, May 2, 2015

(Reuters) – The German government needs to double its funding to states to 2 billion euros to help them cope with a surge of refugees, the regional finance minister in Bavaria, Markus Soeder, was quoted as telling Der Spiegel news magazine on Saturday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and top government leaders are set to hold a crisis meeting with state officials in Berlin on May 8 as estimates show between 300,000-500,000 refugees arriving in Germany this year, double the number in 2014.

“The federal government has agreed to contribute a billion euros – it’s going to need to at least double that amount,” Soeder said, adding the states were struggling to cope with rising numbers.

In the first quarter, the number of asylum seekers to Germany more than doubled to 85,394 and states estimate the total for 2015 could be four times as many as the 100,000 refugees who arrived in 2013. Many are fleeing wars and violence in Syria and Afghanistan.

The federal government has generally welcomed refugees, in part to atone for the past and because some post-war leaders survived the Nazi era thanks to asylum elsewhere. But its promise of 1 billion euros (£0.74 billion) in funding in 2015 and 2016 to help the states was made before the numbers surged again.

The issue has become more acute after up to 900 people drowned last month trying to reach Europe from Libya.

The surge in refugees to Germany has led to tensions in some regions where there are few, if any, foreigners.

An arson attack by suspected neo-Nazis destroyed an unoccupied refugee shelter in the town of Troeglitz, near Leipzig, on April 4 just after its mayor, an advocate of the shelter, resigned after getting death threats.

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