Germany Diversity Update: Sanity Returns Somewhat (with Upcoming Elections) but Actual Deportations Are Tough to Achieve
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Below is an interesting discussion on Hungarian TV about the illegal alien situation in Europe, and how intractable it is. Once the moochers are in Europe, they are next to impossible to evict. The aliens have a whole laundry list of delaying tactics, and their home countries don’t want them back either.

America certainly dodged a bullet by electing Donald Trump. Hillary promised to admit large numbers diverse unfriendlies, and we will never know how many jihadist murders were prevented by the voters rejecting Hillary.

Back to Germany, property crimes and violence against women (part of the Muslim diversity package) have risen enormously. The following report includes some shocking crime statistics, e.g. in Berlin, 86 percent of burglaries are carried out by the aliens. Nationwide, the foreigners commit 800 crimes per day.

Germany is far less safe because of Merkel inviting the Muslim world into the heart of Europe.

ANNOUNCER: Germany does not want migrants anymore. The German government intends to deny developmental aid to countries that refuse to take back deported migrants. It seems that the first one to get into trouble will be Tunisia. The security and political expert Georg Spöttle and Barna Fábián discuss the topic. Good morning.

BARNA FÁBIÁN: Good morning. I am thinking that these Arab migrants were not needed in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, so the richest countries in the Middle East want none of them. Now the countries where they actually come from also do not want them back. Where they will go?

GEORG SPÖTTLE: We found out that around 5,000 Tunisians joined the international jihad, mostly they went to fight for ISIS, and these endangerers (German: gefährdend) the German government would like to deport as fast as possible to Tunisia, and also the serious perpetrators and the infamous Nafris, who only went to Germany to sell drugs, who under 4-5-6-7-8 false identities get social benefits, we are talking about getting thousands of Euros monthly. Now Merkel and the government would like to get rid of them real fast, the elections are “ante portas” [at the gate] this year, in the fall especially, when we vote for a new Chancellor.

Sunday there was a protest in Tunisia against the possible return of jihadists. They marched through the city with a large sign saying, “We are not Germany’s garbage bag.” This is a wee bit strange, because these people did not hatch out from some eggs here, but came from Tunisia using the migration wave. It is very interesting that the Tunisian government was not in a hurry in the past, either, to take these people back. We could see it in the case of terrorists, for example in the Berlin terror attack. He was not even alive when his re-admission papers finally arrived. They could not provide that in two years. The North African countries: Tunisia, the Kingdom of Morocco are not really motivated or in a hurry to get these serious perpetrators or dangerous jihadists accepted back into their country.

FÁBIÁN: It even turns out that they do not have any papers, say the Tunisian authorities; how could they accept him? He might not be Tunisian. But his father, mother, siblings, his children are there — It would be a matter of a simple DNA test to show they are his relatives. He was not born… in Vladivostok.

SPÖTTLE: Yes, they know they can make a fool out of us German police officers. When the day of deportation comes, he just says: “I lied; I am not Tunisian, I am from Algeria.” Then the whole process stops. They write to the Algerian authorities. They may answer or not, mostly not, or maybe after two years, an answer comes: “We do not know, please send picture, fingerprints etc.” Finally the result comes back: he is not from Algeria. Then he says: “Yeah I lied again,” “I am really Syrian” or whatever. They can stay for years; they can sabotage the process — it came out that last year around 50,000 North Africans and Afghans should have been deported, but in reality only maybe 50 were successful. The rest of them said: “I have a heart condition”, “I can’t fly on an airplane” or “I am a minor”. They invent these lies. So yesterday I printed out the official crime statistics, the federal German criminal statistics.

FÁBIÁN: How does it look? —

SPÖTTLE: It looks brutal. I would like to start with Berlin, my old stomping ground, where 86.4% of burglaries are committed by migrants. At the federal level, around 800 crimes are committed daily by migrants. Think about it, 800 crimes daily, which is 8000 in ten days; in a hundred days 80,000, a brutally high number. I checked the prison statistics. Of those inmates currently in German prisons, 27.9% percent are foreigners, so they are not German nationals and do not have citizenship. However, at the federal level…, the increase in crime is 33.9% since the migrants arrived. The tendency is increasing. This is what we can see. So major cities have almost identical numbers: In Hamburg and Berlin, for example, of the number of picked pockets and bag thefts close to ATMs, 43.5% of the perps are migrants, so the German population are logically — mostly woman and the elderly —afraid to be on the streets after dark. They are afraid of theft, robbery, and the young pretty women are afraid of sexual attacks.

FÁBIÁN: Are these statistics ever published in any German publication? Or is it even possible to release such information?

SPÖTTLE: Yes. Not in full detail, but interestingly, I have seen it in the liberal Focus (magazine) or I have seen it in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Bayernkurier picks out pieces of these stats. So one can see the coat of paint applied by Angela Merkel coming off, to quote Ágoston Mráz: “Angela Merkel now would not talk to herself from last year,” so to speak. Yes, but we must acknowledge That was a great statement from Ágoston.

Because the elections are coming closer, she is trying to to speak a little bit in the language of the voters. She practices self-criticism every day in the media. Still not doing it to the extent she should: like saying, “We really screwed it up here, because we should have defended our borders,” or she should say, “We need to deport all criminal migrants.” For example, the media are talking daily about the migrant criminal gangs. The drug mafia from Lebanon, or the infamous Thousand-member strong criminal organization that specializes in the theft of luxury cars, who usually steal high-end German cars and SUVs, and via the Mediterranean bring them back to North Africa where they can sell them illegally.

FÁBIÁN: Those thousands of migrants — from who knows how many countries — now on the Serbian side of the border, waiting — for the unlikely event of opening the Hungarian border fence — which will never happen, because someone who wants to come legally, can come over with papers and visas at the crossing, and those who want asylum can apply. This is how the process normally works, so these migrants are saying they have only a single friend in Europe: Merkel. …

SPÖTTLE: They believe that only if they were able to speak German — they may already be working there — but they do not speak it, they got information fragments, one can see as social media spreads them. For example, after the Hungarian referendum, they thought the border would be open for them. Now they think that because of the cold, there are fewer border patrol officers; they attempt to cross, so they are getting these half truths and lies, they try to orient themselves based on them. If they could read the German media, or if they had a friend who would translate for them the huge change occurring in German politics, I think they would turn around, go to their embassies, and show their papers: “Here, I would like to go back to Afghanistan or Pakistan.” They are still hoping that a great life awaits them there.

Yesterday, for instance, I watched the report by Attila Muci. He was talking about 5-6 thousand people, who are stuck in Serbia. Looking at them one can’t help but feel sorry. I feel sorry for them as human beings, wearing flip-flops in a cold winter [-20C – translator]. But they simply can’t accept the facts, that they have been living for a year in a Serbian train station, warming their canned food, those poor unfortunate people. It would be much better for them to return home, because they do not have a future in the European Union, and this is what the criminal organizations take advantage of. Like a cult, they enmesh these bitter, frustrated people.

They can see, it doesn’t matter if I live in Germany, OK, I will sell drugs, I will use fake identities to get more welfare, and he will pick up around two thousand euros in social benefits, but he will just barely exists in a container city or a winter hangar, and he sees, there is not really any will to integrate — maybe this is how he started: He’ll learn German, he’ll work, but he realizes that without language or marketable skills and a will to integrate, he will not succeed. The numbers are very high.

If only 20,000 migrant had arrived, they would have been quickly absorbed. Integrate them in different states in Germany, give them work and language courses. But in crowds of millions, even in the ones who wanted to do something, the will of integration is lost. They either turn to crime or they accept the state’s help, get €3,500 and return home. Or they are the dangerous jihadist organizations, who in the migrant camps pretend to be members of Islamic charitable organizations. they seduce the young boys with their ideology and later use them for their goals, bring them to their “One True Purpose” to make jihadists out of them.

FÁBIÁN: Georg, I would like to thank you.

SPÖTTLE: You’re welcome, it was a pleasure.

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