Germany Counts Up Its Diverse Residents
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For the demography-is-unforgiving file. . .

At the end of WWII, Europe thought it would be a good idea to import some Arab temp workers for the big rebuilding project, who would then return to their backward homelands in a few years. But how you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree? Or something.

Anyway, the Muslim immigrants stayed, had oodles of kiddies (helped by the polygamy force multiplier) and convinced numerous cousins to relocate to Europe also. It wasn’t too bad for a while when the numbers were small, but after a generation or two, the severe cultural conflict became evident. Now we see no-go zones for non-Muslims in major European cities and acts of mass-murdering terror by homegrown and immigrant Sons of Allah. A future civil war is now feared.

The desire for cheap labor has led to a world of hurt more than once.

The video below from Germany shows the future is now, and Muslim diversity is no longer celebrated.

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