German Newspaper: Some Congressional Republicans Want Trump Impeachment
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H/T ZeroHedge, for bringing to my attention an unusually well-thought-out and knowledgeable essay: The Demons Have Been Unchained by Gabor Steingart Handelsblatt Global Saturday, January 21, 2017. Handelsblatt is a leading German newspaper.
That was no presidential speech; that was a veritable declaration of war. Threatening in tone. Cold and calculating in logic. Change minus the hope. Donald Trump used the traditional Inauguration Day address to settle a score with the U.S. political establishment going back decades. With four ex-presidents sitting a few feet behind him, the 45th president delivered a populist manifesto.
(Emphasis Handelsblatt)

Steingart judges, I hope correctly

The new president loves a good fight, not consensus. He doesn’t want to hug, but to smother, to overwhelm.
He then lists the
“...three main opponents that could bring him down politically.”
Opponent No. 1: Mass violence and rioting (Steingart uses euphemisms, but this is what he means). This is a serious issue. After all, as I noted in Sanders Supporters Repressed Trump’s Chicago Rally: Will MSM Ask Bernie to Repudiate? Trump is the only major candidate in memory (possibly ever) to have a rally shut down. And the lack of Democratic condemnation of this atrocity or for that matter the threats to disrupt the Inauguration was deafening.

However street violence really only works when the Authorities lack will.  Trump does not lack will.

Opponent No. 2:

The Media…monolithic wall of media rejection. He hates them, and they hate him right back. He pushes forward his agenda, and they push back unabashedly with theirs.
Steingart is quite right about this, and it does him credit that he is willing to be so explicit. The MSM, as's Peter Brimelow likes to say, is the real Left opposition. They will be a major threat as long as Trump is in office.

But Steingart seems to forget that President Trump has already defeated the MSM in winning office. And there certain communication advantages in being President.

Opponent No. 3:

The Political Party System. Washington is having an allergic reaction to Trump…Democrats and even Republicans are cooperating on Capitol Hill…Not only Democrats are hoping for an impeachment proceeding.
We at see this as the real threat, and it is very real. James Fulford explained this for us in Why Is It OK To Impeach President Trump–But Not Obama?

Choosing DC-biddable Pence as Vice President has hugely increased the risk.

Everyone needs to be up to speed on the mechanics of Impeachment. I recommend Peter Brimelow’s discussion: Obama’s Border Dissolution Is Treason. The Answer Is Impeachment. It Would Work.

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