German Citizens Angry about Government Dumping Asylum Seekers in Their Town
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Here’s a fascinating video from the informative IslamVersusEurope blog showing concerned Germans rejecting the government’s sudden announcement that a number of asylum seekers would be jammed into their apartment building. The video includes a tour showing small rooms filled with beds like a barracks, with 12 refugees using one bathroom. The guide announces, “This year we have to accept 200 more refugees in the Upper Bavaria region.” Such cramped quarters could easily lead to angry young men, since refugees are often more demanding than grateful.

The German residents have many concerns, such as how the newbies can take part in shared responsibilities when they don’t speak the language. In a gathering with residents, a government bureaucrat (mayor?) opens by stating, “I welcome you to our information meeting about asylum seekers in need and the right to a place.”

What about the citizens’ rights?

The meeting ended in anger, as a young German man stepped onto the stage to confront the bureaucrat that residents were not consulted at all. A middle-aged man was concerned about the safety of women and girls, “and my wife completely alone.”

The video news report does not specify the origin of the asylum seekers. Are they from Africa? Syria? They must be an undesirable diversity for reporters to keep their identity secret.

(Spare video link here.)

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