Geert Wilders on Trial for Free Speech in Defense of the West
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Back in the 1930s, when Winston Churchill warned of the threat from Hitler, he was disparaged by some as alarmist, but no one suggested that he should be locked up for damaging the self-esteem of Nazis.

Today's liberal society, however, clamors for punishment for those who voice unpopular opinion, e.g. the idea that not all diversity is equal, particularly the hostile Islamic variety. Elites insist that the west bend over backwards to protect the delicate feelings of Muslims, whose martial religion demands death for homosexuality, apostasy and adultery.

Free speech is increasingly weakened as speaking ill of Islam is rapidly becoming a crime under European "hate speech" laws. Interestingly the Koran itself is full of admonitions to kill any and all non-Muslims and would be recognized as a document containing hate speech in an honest analysis.

In fact, Geert Wilders' brief documentary film Fitna merely quoted the Koran and illustrated its consequences. For that defense of western civilization and exercise of free speech, Wilders now faces jail in the Netherlands.

Dutch lawmaker tries to avoid hate speech charges, AP, January 13, 2010

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders asked judges on Wednesday to drop or reduce charges against him of criminal incitement, arguing that his anti-Islam message falls within the boundaries of freedom of speech.

Wilders, one of the country's most popular politicians, is due to go on trial in March for allegedly insulting Muslims as a group and inciting hatred and discrimination against them.

After the closed pretrial hearing at Amsterdam District Court, Wilders said the session was "the first day of a political trial."

Charges against Wilders stem from his 2008 short film "Fitna," which offended many Muslims by juxtaposing Quranic verses against images of terrorism by Islamic radicals. [...]

If convicted, Wilders would face a maximum sentence of two years in prison, though a fine of up to euro18,500 ($26,800) is more likely. He could theoretically keep his seat in parliament.

Below is clip of the first eight minutes of Fitna.

Geert Wilders has warned America that Islam's fanaticism threatens free people everywhere. In the talk below he quotes Mohammed's formula for conquest: "I have been ordered by Allah to fight against people until they testify that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger." Europe's embrace of Muslim immigration looks like a fatal mistake.

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