Geert Wilders, Muslim Immigration, And Dutch Non-Colonialism
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A London Times story quotes a Dutch shopkeeper in Venlo, Holland as saying

”When I am going to a Muslim country I have to behave like the people there. These people have to do things like us when they come here.”[Dutch town lets its blond hair down for race row politician Wilders, by David Charter, June 12, 2010]

This is very true because in Muslim countries if you do not behave

they do things like cutting off your hand, cutting off your head,

flogging you, hanging you from a crane, and standing around you throwing rocks until you die. (None of which is available to modern Dutch jurisprudence.)

But he's missing the point—there isn't much Dutch colonization of Muslim countries these days

There used to be—Indonesia and so on—but it doesn't go on anymore.

The Dutch have only retreated to Holland due to colonization being

over but they had invited the Muslims to follow them home. The Muslims by contrast are not inviting the Dutch in any great quantities to come settle in their countries.

That's because while the Muslims may have lower average education and lower average IQs than the Dutch—a point made recently by a German politician—they are not as stupid as that.


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