Geert Wilders: Make the Netherlands Great Again!
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Dutch political leader Geert Wilders has created a video ad for the general election taking place in the Netherlands on March 15. His Freedom Party is polling well, and the election is thought to be a bellweather on European populism.

Heres’ the video ad. It emphasizes that a nation’s shared culture needs to be protected when under assault from open borders welcoming an unfriendly tribe. Wilders clearly hopes for a new birth of freedom to save the Netherlands and Europe from bad choices made about immigration.

GEERT WILDERS: The Netherlands; A magnificent country! The land of our ancestors. A land that generations have turned from swamps into a miracle. The only country that we have. It is our only homeland The Netherlands. A flag that stands for freedom; it is the symbol of our independence. It’s a flag that says We are the masters of our own future!

The elitists only think of themselves. It is time for a change! The Brits have done it. The Americans have done it. And we, we will do it as well!

Our traditions are precious, they make us unique. They make us into who we are. They are centuries old, and we will not negotiate with anyone about them!

But how much longer? How much longer will we remain the masters in our houses and the masters of our future? The floodgates are wide open! Our borders have been completely abolished!

The Rutte administration set one immigration record after another! More than 100,000 people from Muslim countries! We have had enough of Rutte’s lies! €1,000 of supposed tax relief, the never-acknowledged Ukraine Referendum, Greece, and so it goes, on and on! Dutch citizens have paid a price for all this. Mark Rutte has to go! And we have to close our borders!

By the end of this century the population in Africa will quadruple from one to four billion people! Many of them will of course come here. The most important thing, therefore, is that this time you don’t stay home, but that you actually go to the ballot box, because only that way will the Netherlands remain the Netherlands!

Go and vote and make the Netherlands our country again! I thank you.

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