Gateway Pundit's "Open Border Drinking Game"
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I've gone through the transcript of President Bush's immigration speech according to the rules outlines in Gateway Pundit's "Open Border Drinking Game," and here's the results:

Directions: For each time the president mentions the following words or phrases do the following...

- "Welcome"- Salt Your Glasses - Once

- "Welcoming Society"- Swig from "XX" Drink! - Once

- "Jobs Americans won't do"- down one "XX" Drink! - Once for "jobs Americans are not doing"

- "Nation of immigrants"- Tequila shots Drink! - Once

- "Family values don't stop at the Rio Grande"- Drink, Si? - Amazingly enough, no

- "Path to citizenship"- Beer bongs! Drink! Twice

-"Guests"/"guest workers" — one shot. Well, Bush renamed his guest worker plan a "temporary worker" plan, and said the word temporary six times.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" — chug. Twice

- "This is not amnesty"- Naked pyramid,... tequila, chug! " What I have just described is not amnesty" — Close enough! Chug!

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