Gallup says 95% of Americans Celebrate Christmas - Including 80% of Non-Christians
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There's a War against Christmas in our country, and that's why VDARE.COM has its annual War against Christmas competition, to publicize the attacks on the holiday and inform the public. Here's some interesting information from a recent Gallup poll, although the title of the article reporting it is misleading. The report is entitled "Christmas Strongly Religious for Half in U.S. Who Celebrate It" (Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup, December 24th, 2010). The title makes it sound like only half the U.S. population celebrates Christmas, though the article itself states that 95% of the U.S. population celebrates Christmas, including 80% of non-Christians! What the "half" refers to is the 51% who describe Christmas as "strongly religious" for them. Yet at the same time, 95% of the population celebrates it. Really though, this isn't surprising. Christmas is a very flexible observance with many cultural traditions, and every custom is not practiced by everybody. Nevertheless, it's impressive how Christmas customs are shared by such a large percentage of the population. According to the poll, 62% "attend religious services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, 65% "display decorations with a religious meaning", 93% exchange gifts, 88% have a Christmas tree and 78% take time to reflect on the birth of Christ.

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