Gallup Post-Election Poll: Just 37 Percent Support Path to Citizenship for Illegals
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Silly Republicans learning the wrong lessons from the recent electoral debacle should study the recent opinions gleaned from the little citizens. According to Gallup’s pollsters, the re-election of Obama has apparently not made Americans want to give up law and sovereignty in order to please foreign lawbreakers. A strong majority (62%) want illegal immigration stopped.

The following chart is from Gallup’s November 15 poll: Economy, Entitlements, Iran Are Americans’ Top Priorities.

Of course, the Hispandering effort isn’t aimed at Americans as a whole (so 20th century) but toward the new grabby entrants from the south, millions of whom got here via earlier amnesties from 1986 on, plus now-adult anchor babies who benefited from an ongoing (and unpopular) misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment.

Decades of Washington rewarding lawbreaking foreigners and their failures to function adequately in society have created a tribal cadre of uber-entitled underachievers, whose demands for government goodies including amnesty are unquenchable forever. It’s hard to end an addiction to free stuff, particularly when the addict doesn’t want to quit.

For example, a 2010 Pew investigation (Illegal Immigration Backlash Worries, Divides Latinos) found that only 13 percent of Hispanics thought illegals should be meaningfully punished, i.e. deported, as reflected in the graphic below. (Read my analysis of the study: Pew Hispanic Report: Tribe Loyalty Trumps Patriotic Assimilation.)

The actual project of assimilating Hispanics to traditional American values requires far more effort than a little surrender of sovereignty. The liberal media culture has been promoting values of permissiveness and tribal diversity for decades, which has affected newbies along with everyone else. Many schools from kindergarten upwards don’t teach American history and values any more, often preferring the diversity curriculum, the opposite of what Victor Davis Hanson described in his excellent school memoir, The Civic Education America Needs.

Pew research also informs us that hispanics prefer big government, compared with traditional Americans, and do so for generations. (Policy wonks on the right, the ones who think Hispanics are “natural conservatives”, should ponder this result.) So weaning Hispanics from the generous government trough to embrace American freedom is a big job.

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