Fuzzy Math on Reparations.
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Bakari Kitwana writes on the legacy of African-American Duke Law professor John Hope Franklin at the Huffington Post. Franklin, who died March 25,  was given practically every single honor imaginable to a professor—being named president of the American Historical Association and Organization of American Historians, as well as receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Kitwana complains that not enough attention is given to Franklin 's pro-reparations stance in his death. This is the typical bait and switch, as Franklin would not have become as well regarded if he had been promoting reparations and the like in his lifetime, but now that he's so respected we must support his radical agenda.

The piece was titled: "Did John Hope Franklin Want $100 Trillion for Blacks?" Franklin actually didn't argue for that level himself, but the idea of giving $100 trillion dollars—that's 100,000,000,000,000— shows the absurdity of the Reparations movement.

This would be 2.5 million dollars for every African American in the country. It's twice the net worth of all US households, over 7 years worth of the GDP, and 28 years of Obama's record breaking budget! Literally, they'd have to confiscate the wealth of All Americans, confiscate 100% of their assets for four to five years, and that's assuming there's no diseconomic effects to this scheme!

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