From The Derbyshire Email Bag (2) The Radetzky March In Chile
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For readers who enjoy good military-ceremonial displays—I'm a sucker for them myself—a Radio Derb listener responded thus to my signing off my April 22nd podcast with The Radetzky March.

... I thought you might like to start out your morning with something wonderful and weird. While noodling around this morning (dawn o'clock is the best time for avoidance behavior), I came across [this] video clip.

It is the Chilean Army on parade during the annual O'Higgins'/Independence Day ceremony. The tune they are marching to is—and why not?—The Radetzky March. It's a wonderful combination of k.u.k. history, the legacy of an Irish soldier-of-fortune, and South American militarism. What's not to love?

It's not quite the wonderful land of Uruguay, but you can invade it from there.

Best wishes,


Thank you, Sir; but Heaven forfend anything should vex the whitopian tranquility of Uruguay.  I'm planning to set up a bolt-hole there for when North American civilization collapses.

And surely no k.u.k. loyalist could remain dry-eyed while watching this clip of old Karajan conducting the Radetzky March in 1987.

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