From the Arizona Front
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Angry White Dude has put up a really excellent guest blog WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING ON THE ARIZONA BORDER? Friday October 29, 2010 by “Arizona Filly” - a woman who lives in Yuma County: Grijalva (hopefully McClung) country.

Arizona schoolchildren suffer for want of a good education because too many educators are tasked with teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to millions of students who are not taught one word of English at home. Illegal alien students are often educationally several grade levels below their peers, but are continually being advanced in grade to avoid the stigma of being held back. All notices and paperwork sent home from school are printed in English and in Spanish. Interpreters are provided for parent-teacher conferences.

Arizona hospitals are facing bankruptcy due to the millions of visits annually by illegal aliens giving birth to anchor babies. Because no one can be turned away from an American emergency room, millions of illegal aliens use the emergency room as their primary care provider. In Arizona, virtually every anchor baby, now a newly-minted U.S. citizen, is given medical coverage under AHCCSC (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System), which seems ironic because costs are definitely not being contained. And now that an anchor baby is a U.S. citizen countless relatives – fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmothers and grandfathers – stream across the border to take advantage of the myriad benefits given to an anchor baby.

Arizona prisons are overburdened with illegal aliens, an estimated 25-30% of the inmates being illegally in the United States. (Supposedly they are deported upon completion of their sentence.) City, county and state justice systems are underfunded, understaffed and completely overwhelmed.

And last, but certainly not least, is the burden to the Arizona taxpayer. Arizona expended $2.1 billion (yes, that is a “b” as in BILLION) on illegal aliens’ welfare, education, healthcare and law enforcement. (Compare that figure with the $20 billion that illegal aliens sent in the form of remittances to Mexico alone last year.) With a financial raping of that magnitude I challenge any state in the union to balance their budget. It can be done, as Arizona is attempting to do, but only by drastically cutting services across the board that affect every LEGAL resident. Not one Arizonan will escape the fallout: Interstate rest stops, shuttered; motor vehicle offices, closed; State Parks, returned to the wildlife; taxes, increased.

Arizona Filly concludes

There is no doubt in my mind that if Washington wanted America’s southern border secured it would be secured. And it would likely be secured overnight.

The questions one has to ask is this: Who doesn’t want the border secure and why don’t they want it secure?

That is quite a question.


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