From South Africa: A Hint for America
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Last month, I noted in Don’t mess with the Mandelas the news that a South African mining company controlled by members of the ruling Mandela and Zuma families had dealt with illegal miners on its property by the bracing expedient of murdering them. (I have been told the victims were probably moonlighters from the mine’s regular workforce: they had not been paid for months.)

Today Bloomberg breaks from its usual PC mode with Zuma Family Favoritism Imperils ANC Post as Black Empowerment Goes Sour By Franz Wild Sep 14 2010

The involvement of South African President Jacob Zuma’s family in a series of controversial business deals has fueled anger among labor unions… Union leaders say the ANC hierarchy benefits from state contracts and subsidized share purchases… South Africa is heading toward becoming a ”predator state” controlled by ”hyenas” bent on accumulating wealth, Zwelinzima Vavi, general secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, said on Aug. 26 in Johannesburg.

Memo to America: Rule by Blacks invariably produces bad news.

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