Free Speech in Europe Remains under Threat
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Over in Denmark, retired cartoonist Kurt Westergaard lives a safe life because he has 24/7 security to protect him from members of the Religion of Peace.

Mr. Westergaard doodled up the infamous Bomb-Turban Mohammed, which outraged hostile Muslims worldwide. It was the most iconic image of the several cartoons published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten which grew into the global cartoon jihad.

As a result, Westergaard has become something of a free speech hero, which is a hazardous position, so he is not often interviewed.

An axe-carrying Somali Muslim broke into his home in 2010 to murder Westergaard, but police intervened in time. Free speech is severely threatened by Muslim immigration, which is another good reason why it should end in America and Europe.


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