Freddie Mac's new Chief Diversity Officer
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From National Mortgage Professional:

Freddie Mac has named Subha V. Barry to the position of chief diversity officer (CDO). In this position, Barry will lead the company's newly formed Office of Diversity and Inclusion, with overall responsibility for the combined functions of Diversity and Inclusion and Supplier Diversity. She will be responsible for developing business strategies focused on the needs of a diverse workforce, working closely with other members of Freddie Mac's senior management team to ensure the company is effectively utilizing diverse talent (both within its employee base and its suppliers), enhance the annual diversity planning process and manage performance against the company's diversity plans.

Barry will also design and launch the new Executive Diversity Council. She will report directly to Chief Executive Officer Charles E. "Ed" Haldeman Jr., with whom she will jointly lead the Executive Diversity Council, and will be a member of Freddie Mac's management committee. In addition, Barry will work with Freddie Mac's business units to ensure the maximization of opportunities in diverse market segments.

"Creating the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and having someone of Subha's talent and experience in this new executive position is a critical step in Freddie Mac's forward progress," said Haldeman. "As a company devoted to creating housing opportunities for individuals and families from all backgrounds and walks of life, it's essential that Freddie Mac — through our employee base and network of suppliers–reflect the many varied communities whom we serve and from which we recruit our employees."

Barry joins Freddie Mac from Merrill Lynch & Company Inc., where she most recently served as managing director, global head of Diversity & Inclusion.

Since Freddie Mac, a "government-sponsored enterprise" has received $61 billion in taxpayer bailouts (as of last count), it has lots of money to create crucial positions like this.

By the way, Subha V. Barry? Is "Subha" one of those oddly-spelled names that African American schoolgirls make up when they're pregnant? Or is Subha V. Barry an Indian immigrant riding the Diversity Gravy Train, which most Americans naively think exists to benefit the descendants of American slaves?

The most interesting segment in Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair is when Chris goes to India because African-American women buy vast amounts of human hair every year from temples in India where women shave their heads (for inexplicable Hindu reasons that Chris, personally, wasn't all that interested in understanding).

So, did Subha Barry buy or inherit her Good Hair?
I think Barack Obama should appoint a commission headed by Adam Clayton Powell IV to get to the bottom of this.

By the way, I noticed on that Ms. Barry gave $1,000 to Barack Obama's campaign in 2008. Obviously, that's because Republicans are racists who hate diversity. What Republicans must do to deal with the changing face of America is prove to people like Subha Barry that they are even more in favor of giving out money and prizes to people like Subha Barry than the Democrats are by giving even more than the Democrats give. It's only logical!

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