France: Violent Muslims Claim ‘City Is Ours’ — or Else They Will Burn It Down
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Look out, Dearbornistan and other US victims of Muslim immigration. France’s Islo-violence may well be a preview of coming attractions. America should pay attention and learn from Europe’s misery, but elites would rather cling to their liberal notion that any diversity is strength, even the murderous, misogynous type.

The latest outbreak occurred in Yvelines, a suburb of Paris. Some Muslim boys felt miffed after interacting with local gendarmes, and a riot broke out. So sensitive, these aspiring headchoppers!

Gates of Vienna blog helpfully provided a transcript:

Another Day, Another Riot in the Banlieues, GatesOfVienna, March 18, 2014

02:22 And after Forbach last week it’s the police of (?) in the Yvelines
02:26 who were the target of the city’s delinquents. The scenario is sadly banal
02:30 Sunday afternoon, having picked up an individual on the wanted list
02:34 a police patrol had tried to arrest him
02:38 This attempt immediately attracted a mob of about 60 people
02:42 who violently attacked the police. Teargas
02:46 used by the police did not stop the aggressors who then attacked an
02:50 employment agency, breaking its windows and setting fire to it.
02:55 They also targetted the police station
02:59 one car completely destroyed by the flames
03:03 their anger apparently increased by the fact that during the clashes the police
03:07 had targetted young Muslims coming out of the mosque.
03:11 While calm had been restored towards 1 am, 15 riot police cars
03:15 were still stationed around “Employ & Enterprise” while Riot- and Mobile Police
03:19 guarded public buildings and intersections.
03:23 The message addressed to the authorities is clear:
03:27 ”The city is ours, we do as we please, and if you don’t agree we burn it”.

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