Fox and Mexico: America stupid, not sovereign.
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As frequently happens (alas) the Chinese People’s Daily Online has come up with a story (on the Border fence row this time) far more succinct and penetrating than anything which the PC and verbose US MSM could achieve. (Yes, I am aware they would never do this for their own country. That is an example of the reflexive double standard which needs to be considered when importing people from other that the traditional American population base.)

Mexican president says U.S. lacks vision on immigration October 7 2006-10-07

Mexican President Vicente Fox said on Friday that there was a lack of vision in the United States relating to immigration, following the U.S. legislature’s decision to build a 1,200-km wall along its border with Mexico.
“There is a lack of vision of what this means, and of all that it can cause in both nations, and of the need we have to manage migration in a legal, orderly way that respects human rights,” Fox told media in the central state of Aguascalientes.

Disliking what one sees, of course, is invariably countered by the assertion that one has not seen correctly.

On Thursday, Mexico’s legislature, the Chamber of Deputies, urged Fox to go to international tribunals and bodies to try and halt the wall’s construction.

So international bureaucrats should be able to over rule what this country does on its own soil? Is America not sovereign?

The Founding Fathers would have disagreed.

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