Four Articles about Mexico
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Here are links to four relevant articles about Mexico, all four written in English.

The first is from the Cuban news agency, and is entitled "Mexican Congress: No More Servility to US" which reports criticism of Mexican President Calderon by Mexican opposition parties, who "denounced President Felipe Calderon's foreign policy for strengthening U.S. security. "

It's typical for Mexican opposition politicians to accuse the president of being too subservient to the gringos, and of not defending illegal aliens strongly enough. But why is it bad for Mexico if the U.S. is more secure?

The second article "Opposition Lawmakers Grill Foreign Relations Secretary" , reveals that some members of the Mexican Congress have discovered the SPP and don't care for it either. According to Cuauhtemoc Sandoval, Mexican congressman from the left-wing PRD:

"We (Mexicans )are taking steps toward the integration of our economy, military, energy and security with the United States . And (the Mexican) Congress isn't being invited to participate."

That's a pretty good summation of the situation from the point of view of either Mexico or the U.S . Interestingly, the opposition to the continental merger in the U.S. is usually from the right, in Mexico the opposition is on the left.

Then there's a recent article in the Washington Times. The Times has discovered that immigration has bad effects in Mexico, which I have been saying for years . The Times article tells about women in Tecalpulco, Mexico, asking the U.S. to deport their husbands so they can return. [Mexican wives want U.S. to return husbands ,By Stephen Dinan, February 26, 2007 ]I have corresponded with the Tecalpulco women and wrote about them in a previous VDARE.COM article "How to Help Mexico- Close the Border!

That's why you need to read VDARE.COM, to stay ahead of the mainstream media!

Another article, on the Inter Press Service News Agency, is entitled "Staple Foods at Risk From Free Trade" asks what will happen to Mexican small farmers when NAFTA opens up the floodgates of corn and beans from the United States. I wrote about this four years ago, here .

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