Forget It, Juan, It's Not The Old Chinatown—Chinese Immigrants Organizening For Self-Defense Against Hispanic Criminals
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A reader writes:
You're welcome to post this, but please do so anonymously; this is a throwaway account. 
I live in Flushing, Queens, one of the largest Chinatowns in America. A couple years ago, a Chinese student studying here was raped and beaten to death by a Hispanic immigrant. It was very sad, not only because of the murder, but because it was very Kitty Genovese, and people saw the attack and heard her scream and didn't call the police. It was very immediate; I live here, and this was on a street I walk down regularly, at an hour when many people are out and about. 

Here's the Daily News account of the crime.

One of the local evangelical churches spearheaded a neighborhood watch team in response to this incident and the pressing reality that Chinese immigrants are frequently targeted by criminals because they are perceived to be weak and unlikely to fight back.
The neighborhood watch has been patrolling the area nightly in groups ever since, wearing special vests and carrying large maglites. The group is fantastic, and I've personally benefited when they chased of a drunk man who was aggressively hitting on me on my way home. They're started handing out fliers, and what's remarkable is the degree of ethic awareness and unity which is completely nonexistent among whites. 
When the Chinese government's English language paper reported on the event, they noted this.From the English translation, which is a bit stilted: 
"Let us draw a lesson from the bitter experience, mend the fold after the sheep is lost, and prevent any recurrence of the tragedy of Yu Yao!"
"Let us unite and get organized, and show the strength of the ethnic Chinese!"
"Let us unite and get organized, and chase the thugs out of our community!"
"If we do not want to see the scene of our mourning our murdered fellow countryman recurring again and again, let us stop being indifferent or care only about ourselves!"
"Let us not keep quiet about the thousands of years of our national character, be less selfish, less indifferent and more vociferous, show more concern, help each other more to pull through a plight, and act bravely for a just cause!"

By the way, is this Chinese kind of 19th Century nationalist rhetoric of collective self-improvement common in India? Or are Indians past all that old-fashioned stuff?

And from the Chinese patrol's Code of Conduct: 
- We will note darkened street lamps for timely repair by the relevant departments.
- We will note graffiti to be cleaned up by the relevant departments.
- We will talk to families whose porch lights are too dim to get better lighting.
- We will talk to businesses and encourage them to install cameras at their storefront.
They're also offering free self defense lessons every week to all comers, and passing out flyers with safety information on the main thoroughfares. From what I can see, adults are organizing this, but much of the labor is coming from teens and twentysomethings. Can you even imagine the uproar if, say, a lower class white neighborhood in Chicago were to do this? It's political organization. It's community. It's incredibly effective. And it's so offensive to the elites you'd get shut down if they knew about it.

I don't think the situation is quite that bad, but there are definite class issues in what white people are allowed to get away with. High class white people like Mayor Bloomberg can get away with harassing Latinos and blacks for so long and so effectively that eventually some voters forget why he ramped up stop-and-frisk in the first place.

For example, when I was at Rice U. in Houston in the late 1970s, the coeds became, not unreasonably, frightened by the possibility of off-campus rapists descending upon Rice's sprawling, forested, shadowy campus in the middle of the city. So, a service was set up for male students to escort female students on their long walks across campus to the girls-only dorms that had been built far away from the boys-only dorms. But then we were, at least nominally, gentlemen and scholars and all that, and weren't likely to go after suspicious characters with a sack of doorknobs, like in the 1994 Simpson's episode Homer the Vigilante.

I wonder if low class whites who are Democratic voters, such as in tough egg neighborhoods in Boston, can get away with more than low class whites in red states?

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