Force Works: bin Ladin Is Dead
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The Navy SEALs Team 6 must be an awesome bunch to drop in to Osama’s deluxe suburban home near Islamabad and proceed to splatter him with no harm done to the Americans. Excellent work and kudos to everyone involved! This country is blessed to have many brave members of the military who do what needs to be done.

It’s too bad we don’t have strike forces of similar quality on the Mexican border to take out our other murderous enemies.

Speaking of aliens, the killing of Osama may lead to an upsurge of Muslim revenge attacks against Americans in this country. Senators Lieberman and Collins are speaking of that possibility as I write this with an eye on C-SPAN.

Update: the video of the senators is below.

As the samurai used to say, ”After victory, tighten your helmet cords.”

Both senators have investigated ”homegrown” terrorism (a designation that usually includes immigrants) with more openness than many in Washington. However, neither has ever mentioned the obvious long-term cure: end Muslim immigration. Despite the obvious threat, Muslim immigration continues and accumulates additional persons who reside here while despising Americans and our principles of secular equality under law.

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