For The Last Time, Mc Cain Is Not A Conservative OK?
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Republican Brian Bilbray is in a close race with Democrat Francine Busby to fill the California Congressional seat vacated by Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Senator John Mc Cain of Arizona was scheduled to speak this morning at a breakfast fund-raiser for Bilbray...but Mc Cain was a no-show.

Hmm...why would a Republican Senator fail to support the only Republican in a hotly contested race? Because Brian Bilbray had the audacity to criticize his liberal opponent for supporting the Mc Cain/Kennedy Amnesty bill...oh, the nerve.

Mc Cain did not pull his endorsement of Bilbray and supposedly plans to contribute the maximum $5000 donation to the Bilbray campaign, but I am not sure that will help much at this point.

Story here.

A lack of public support for Bilbray will resonate as de facto support for his opponent in the minds of the electorate.

Senator Mc Cain is not a moderate or an independent or (gag) a maverick Republican—he is the perennial presidential candidate for the Petulant Crybaby Party (PCP).

Then again, I suppose he can afford to alienate his future Republican colleagues because he doesn't need their help...he has Kennedy and the Gang.

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