Follow Up On Paul Nachman's Montana Hearing Report
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Regarding my September 1blog entry:

1. My photo didn't come through very clear, [click here for the large version]and it wasn't captioned. So I should point out that it shows Congressman Tancredo, in appealingly informal attire, talking with a member of the audience a few minutes before the hearing started. He threw on a sports coat for the actual proceedings.

2. A couple of correspondents have objected that the Hamilton newspaper's article mentioned Eugene McCarthy but should have said Joe McCarthy. That's what I had tried to imply.

3. In an email to me, VDARE's Steve Sailer wrote, "[Eugene] McCarthy's strong showing in the 1968 New Hampshire primary led to LBJ [Lyndon Johnson] deciding to retire rather than run again. That's a pretty good analogy for the relationship between Tancredo and Bush." ( The analogy includes the fact that McCarthy did well by running against Johnson on the Viet Nam war, while Tancredo is leading the efforts against Bush's knavery on immigration.) I wish Steve's point had ocurred to me. Of course, Johnson could have run again and Bush can't, so the political leverage on Bush may be much less.

4. In one-on-one conversation with Tancredo, I told him that Montana State Representative Roger Koopman, a conservative Republican campaigning for re-election in a district near Bozeman, had written me, "What has been encouraging is that many of the people I'm meeting at the doorsteps bring up the immigration issues and are VERY concerned. On the state level, they want Montana to get out in front on this. "

Tancredo said to me, "I know! It's everywhere! My inlaws [wife's parents] live in Billings, and people regularly call them up—knowing their connection to me—reporting problems with illegal aliens and asking them to do something!"

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