Focus on the Family Boards the Amnesty Bandwagon
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I've written before on the fact that prominent evangelical Christian leaders promote amnesty. It's wrong, it's a betrayal of grassroots evangelicals and we need to call them on it.

The latest evangelical leader to publicly support amnesty is Jim Daly, leader of Focus on the Family, an organization which has not supported amnesty up to this time. But, according to the LA Times blog,

Jim Daly, the head [of] the conservative radio-based ministry Focus on the Family has joined dozens of evangelical leaders to push for immigration reform that would include a path to legal residency or citizenship for those in the country without legal status...

"I signed on to this statement because immigration reform is more than an ‘issue’ to families -– it profoundly affects their stability, structure and quality of life,” Daly said in a statement.

Focus on the Family Joins Evangelical Call for Immigration Reform LA Times Blogs, June 12th, 2012

I encourage any VDARE.COM readers who supports Focus on the Family to contact the organization and refuse to donate any more money as long as the it insults American families by supporting amnesty.

Also, see Daly's blog entry "Immigration Reform is a Family Concern" , and notice there is a comment section at the bottom. Politely explain to Daly why amnesty is wrong and is not good for American families.

Evangelical Christians need to speak up and withhold funds from leaders who speak wrongly in their behalf on this issue.


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