Flash Mobs In Malls In 9 States—Police Blame "Social Media" Because You're Not Allowed To Blame Blacks
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Here's a story about renewed Flash Mob violence in malls all over America: Police Suspect Social Media In Mall Violence In At Least 9 States, Y J.J. Gallagher, Joshua Hoyos, Michael Edison Hayden, ABC NEWS, December 27, 2016. Some of the video gives you a hint of who is doing this.

So does this tweet:

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Paul Kersey is on the case:

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So is Gateway Pundit:

And in this one response tweet, @WarAgainstTrump, whose Twitter avatar says "Proud Snowflake" replies that at ONE mall, in the state of Colorado, violent teens weren't ALL black:

Previous "Flash Mob" coverage on VDARE.com.

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